"And quite frankly, you know what?"

Translation:Et très franchement, vous savez quoi ?

April 15, 2018

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Très meaning "quite" here? Not "very"??


quite is a synonym of very in many cases! So yes très can mean quite


It's more likely a quirk of the English language rather then the French. It just sounds odd to say "and very frankly". The usual expression is "and quite frankly". In comparison "très franchement" sounda very reasonable.


I replied: ..., savez vous quoi? I would like to know why this is wrong. (I got the first part wrong because I used Et assez francament. Ü) but then it told me the second part was "que savez vous?" Which to me means: What do you know? That sounds like a snide remark, but I cannot imagine...


What's wrong with "savez vous quoi" instead of "vous savez quoi"?


My best guess is that you're mixing two registers. Inversion is fairly formal but the use of quoi is very informal. DL might not accept that.


I'm not even sure what the English sentence ("And quite frankly, you know what?") means.


Is this something that could stand on its own ("What do YOU know, idiot?"), or is it something that would be followed by "I never liked your cooking anyway!" ?

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