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The 'Health System' is very unhealthy!

I have tried the 'Health System' for the last few days, having downloaded the new tree which promised me more content. Having had a golden tree for a considerable time I felt that this was a good opportunity, as I knew that I needed more practice. Oh Dear!

I had no idea that I would encounter the draconian heart shaped supervisor in the corner which would punish me for the slightest error, and sometimes even punish me for a correct answer which was not recognised. This is very demotivating and I do not think that I can live with this long term. It makes me feel like a child who has been asked to leave the classroom for getting an answer wrong. Humiliating.

My aim in using Duolingo is to learn to speak French, I do not feel the need to write it like a native, and I ask the developers to remove the counter productive Health System or I will be removing the app from my ipad.

Having said this I would like to say that I appreciate the huge amount of work that has gone into the new tree. I would love to have the kind of access to it that I had under the previous system, without the threat of timed out or financial punishment.

I have experience previous unpopular changes such as the introduction of the cartoon pictures and the use of adverts as a revenue earner. While I did not particularly welcome either of those changes I can live with the illustrations and understand that Duo needs to sell advertising space to earn money, but the 'lock out' Health System is a deal breaker..............if the true aim is to raise a very lucrative revenue stream from its millions of users it should do it in a more honest way. If the Health bar is there to stop students binge learning why is it possible to buy more health.......................Hmmmm!

April 15, 2018



Use the web browser on your phone to get around it. The heart system is definitely trash and needs to be removed as soon as possible. I totally agree.


I gave up on my phone as I shake onone hand and the Hearts is completely useless for anyone with minor health or disabilities problems like that to the point of being non inclusive as your inadvertant flaws demolish your efforts to zero so often its not worth using.


I fully agree with you and I will cancel my plus membership if it's not removed! As I now do 90% of lessons on the web to make progress it doesn't give me any benefits to be a plus member. I like working on the app better but I will be 100 before I finish that tree on the app, that would be very expensive!


Thanks for speaking out about this very "unhealthy" and demotivating system. When the Health system was introduced ten months ago there were hundreds of protests from people who despised using it. Now that we have the Crown system most of our units require using it. I made a post about this subject earlier this week. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26895655


I always use my desk top and have yet to see the health system. I'm just learning to deal with the crown system!


Thanks and best of luck. I guess we will get used to the crowns in due course, and you never know levels four and five might be interesting.


The problem is the same with me too! It only works on my phone app and even then is very buggy. I am applying to be a moderator so if I get the place I will tell them about this problem. Alternatively, you could contact an admin or already-moderator. Great forum post covering the issue, you deserve the Lingot I gave you!


Thanks , that is kind of you. It is clear from the excellent post made by Albaduine, above, which I have now read, that Duolingo are not paying attention to the pain of their users.

We must keep this topic at the top of the discussion tree and make it impossible to ignore.

Duolingo claims to have 200 million users worldwide so the potential revenue stream from 'health' purchase is mind boggling. Move over Bill Gates.

I truly hope that Duolingo are not on this course, and will continue to exercise ethical standards in pursuit of their aim to provide free education. I recognise that they have to pay the bills but there must be a more acceptable way.


Thanks for joining the chorus, magpie. Health is counter-productive and a little insulting for the reasons you and others have mentioned. As someone else indicated, you can restore health one life at a time going through a practice round as you could before the crowns showed up. You can find that at the bottom of the app, with a heart icon.

But unlike before, the practice rounds are randomly generated, you have no control over what to practice and the practice does not advance you along your tree. It's just to generate health. Which really means, it's a way to keep you going back to the ads. That's all that health is about. Sad.

Like albaduine, I posted something on this two weeks ago: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26866688

And here's one from someone else: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26926852

And another: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26867850

As you said, the more complaints the better. A learning system that penalizes learners for mistakes, inserts non-stop ads into the learning process, and then contrives a way for the one to assist the other is so unbelievably inappropriate. Especially when the company says these ads "help keep education free." OMG. No, we pay with our time, attention and patience.


Thank you for this information. I mercifully had not had to deal with 'health' before the latest crown update. I expected the 'practice' option to appear on the notification that my 'Health' had expired and could be restored by purchasing gems.

With your help I have now spotted the tiny icon in the tool bar, so I can now slog through exercises to regain health. Truly better than nothing..........but I would rather be working on things that I know are weak

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