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Ducks: Lachan or lachain ?

Dia duit!

Hello, could someone please confirm for me, what is the plural of Lacha? Duolingo is teaching me ducks are Lachan, and memrise has ducks listed as Lachain. I was wondering which is correct? (Or are they both correct for reasons I do not yet comprehend?)

Go raibh maith agaibh!

April 15, 2018


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The nominative plural is lachain, the genitive plural is lachan.


This has been a long standing problem that can't be fixed properly unless/until Tree 2.0 is released, according to this discussion:


GRMA! I was reviewing the ‘plurals’ skill, so shouldn’t the nominative case be used? (I don’t think we are introduced to the genitative yet at that point)

I see your link to the discussion now, thanks. Sigh, it seems strange that they cannot fix the sentences. Well... here’s waiting for tree 2.0

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