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Has spaced repetition gone in recent changes?

I'm currently learn German and I'm still trying to adjust to the recent changes to Duolingo. I'm struggling to see the benefit of the opportunity to 'level up' when the trade-off appears to be the loss of 'spaced repetition'.

Previously, when I passed a level it would turn gold. Then after a period of time, based on the concept of 'spaced repetition', a level would turn back to its colour indicating the need to practice.

I really liked this approach as I didn't need to plan my learning; I would jump on and do a level or two to advance my learning and then finish by 'practicing' all the levels needing to be refreshed.

Is this still possible in the new 'crown' format?

April 15, 2018



Unofficially, yes: you can go to https://duolingo.eu/Stefan760942/progress/ and see what you need to practice there.


Thanks MikhailLav3! This is very helpful until it can hopefully be incorporated back into the main function/service.


Now duome.eu, in case anyone is still viewing this thread today.


Duolingo said in the Crown FAQ post that they are working on a way to bring spaced repetition back somehow. I hope they do - it would make navigation through the course much easier.


Thanks wilde. I hope there's an option for spaced repetition to be used. I think it best represents the learning process. Just because I learned a level doesn't mean I will retain that knowledge indefinitely - language needs practice and spaced repetition is proven to maximise retention while minimising learning time.

Interestingly, the 'practice' option does not have a visual effect on the tree, only health! Every other action has an effect, practising would have an effect on learning level, so I think it should. https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002253251-With-Crowns-what-does-the-practice-button-do-

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