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"We played a lot of sports last summer."

Translation:Practicamos muchos deportes el verano pasado.

April 15, 2018



doesn't practicamos mean "we practiced"? How about "nosotros jugamos muchos deportes el verano pasado"?


Jugamos deportes no way, but:

jugamos fútbol / béisbol / básquetbol (standard Spanish)


ok, thanks. Any reason/rationale? Or is it just one of those things to learn by heart?


Deportes in being used in a general sense, and for Spanish speakers not all sports are playable, hence the examples quoted above (fútbol, beisbol, basquetbol).


fine, but the samples then should be 'jugamos AL '


alezzzix, ¡Que interesante! Can you tell us what sports are not playable?

I'm guessing Hunter-jumper horse riding, for example - that is an Olympic sport, but you would not say you played it!


"Practicar" means both "to practice" and "to play".



= We practiced many sports last summer. (This is also a good translation in English.) Let’s face it: there are a lot of possible translations missing on both the Spanish & English portals.


Is "we play" and "we played" both practicamos? How do you know which one is meant?


Here, el verano pasado is the clue, Nico.


Depends on sentence context. The nosotros forms of verbs in the present and past tense are often spelled the same.

Look for words that indicate it happened in the past.


How do you know when hit means golpeo rather than golpeé?


For "We played a lot of sports last summer" Duo now accepts "Jugamos muchos deportes el verano pasado" as well as "Practicamos muchos deportes el verano pasado." Usually, however, one says "Juego al tenis" or Juego al fùtbol" with the "a" required. Several questions arise? 1) Why is the "a" not used? (ie: If I wanted to say "I play a lot of tenis" would it be "Juego al mucho tenis" or "Juego mucho tenis"? Does the adjective change things?) 2) Do you need the "a" with practicar (as in "Practico al tenis" or would you say "Practico tenis")?

Perhaps a native speaker could help?


I know it makes no sense.
With grammar it seems there are always exceptions.

Traditionally, "Jugar" is "always" intransitive (cannot take a direct object) except for one exception.
That exception is when one is talking about "sports in general".
So, when one talks about "los deportes" or "muchos deportes" the "A" is dropped.

Complicating matters further in some dialects dropping the "A" is common even though officially wrong.

As far as "Practicar", it is transitive so it can take a direct object without any preposition.

(not a native Spanish Speaker--just becoming a grammar nerd)


Also, it'd be "Juego mucho al tenis" (note the location of the "al").


Since when is to play the same as to practice?


Can someone remind me why we use el here?


Think of it as the summer that just passed. Even in English, you'd use the "the" when worded that way.


I remember something about needing a preposition to separate two nouns.


jugamos muchos deportes es correcto. Practicamos no es correcto!


Porque no jugamos, es raro


Heres couldnt "muchos" come after "deportes" since you may want to mean that many kinds of sports were played, or a few sports were played many times, with the english being ambiguous?


A lot/muchos is a quantity. Those come before the noun. As if you were saying you played THREE sports or ONE sport A LOT of times. Sports and Times are the nouns.


mucho means a lot of something. muchos means lots of things. a lot of sports should be many sports. A lot of sport.


This is what my weak brain created: Juegamos mucho de partidos el verano pasado


I wrote: "Nosotros practicamos muchos deportes el verano pasado." Why is that wrong?


Nothing. Rerport it.

(But try getting accustomed to omit personal pronouns, they are seldom used.)


If using jugar it is (suggested by Duolingo): Jugábamos muchos deportes el verano pasado.


"Jugamos" why is this incorrect?


so practice is now known as playing huh? thats f'stupid. Is there any way for Duo to have Mexican Spanish?

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