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German on Youtube

Hi! So i found this channel and personally really like it: Learn German with Jenny


(link to first lesson)

She goes though a lot of content and has a blog where you can complete a worksheet. Hope this helps anyone wanting to expand on their German. :)

April 15, 2018



Yes, her channel is my favorite of the YouTube channels that teach German.


You can click on the Playlists tab to see her videos categorized by CEFR level, such as A1, A2, B1, B2.


Oh awesome, she also has playlists with various levels up to C1! Thanks for this! (I'm around B2 or C1 and use Duolingo to stay sharp)


I would also like to share a channel I've been enjoying a lot for immersion! They post random videos on a variety of subjects several times a day. It's more advanced but I've subscribed and set up my notifications so that I can watch a few new videos every day and get my comprehension up



I like her, too, although I don't have time to visit her videos.


Danke, mein freund!!!


I started learning German "with Jenny" and it is amazing! I completely agree! I highly recommend her channel to begginers and even people who already know some German!


Search "Easy German" on youtube. You learn from hearing how people really talk on the streets. This helps your listening comprehension. I think they also have "Su per easy German" depending on your level of learning. Have fun!

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