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"I did not go to the secondary school from here."

Translation:Eu nu am fost la școala generală de aici.

5 months ago



The English as it currently appears ("I did not go to the secondary school from here") is a mistranslation. It should be "I did not go to (or attend) secondary school (around) here." Literally, you might want to say "I did not go to the secondary school of around here" (which is grammatically correct but does not sound natural in English).

5 months ago

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I attended "Școala Generală cu Clasele I-VIII," which in North American English would be primary and middle school combined (grades 1 to 7 or 8).

"Secondary school" or "high school" in North America is for grades 8 to 12 (or 9 to 12, depending on the school/region), so the Romanian word for that would be "liceu" or possibly more recently "colegiu" (my high school was renamed to Colegiu Național some time ago), although the latter could be confusing because "college" means again something else in English.

4 months ago

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In England some schools are called colleges for children aged 11-16 or 19 years old, so it wouldn't be confusing here.

We also have faculties that are called colleges inside universities... educational names are a minefield in England (meaning it's easy to get it not quite right) as 80 year olds will tell you they went away to college, meaning university!

2 months ago


If you really meant to say "I did not go to the secondary school from here.", that would be "Eu n-am mers la școala generală de aici.". The Romanian is a translation of "I did not attend the secondary school here".

3 months ago