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Why does Duolingo only accept me and you for ich und du?

I'm not that good at English, but from my understanding, "I and you" or "me and you" are both grammatically correct. With "ich" meaning "I" in German, why does Duolingo only accept "me and you" and not "I and you"?

April 15, 2018



There's a sort-of-rule (halfway between a rule of grammar and politeness) that in such a case, you put "I" last, and say "you and I" rather than "I and you". (See https://ell.stackexchange.com/questions/9308/my-sister-and-i-versus-i-and-my-sister for more details.)

(I don't know if this is Duolingo's reasoning or not, but I can't think of anything else it could be.)


we actually have this rule too in german. (not sure if it is a gramatical rule or simply a matter of manners. "Der Esel nennt sich immer selbst zuerst"- (the donkey always names himself at first). is a german saying about people who ignore it.


There is not enough information here. What was the full sentence or phrase? There are situations in which "You and I" would be preferred and other situations in which "you and me" would be preferred.


I think this the whole DL-exercise.


I'm pretty sure I had the same question (reverse tree) and it accepted 'I and you' for 'ich und du', otherwise you can report it.


They are both correct in English, but not in the same context! It depends on the situation (or case). Also, you always put the "you" bit first.

Use "You and I" when it's a subject, and "you and me" when it's an object in the sentence. In German is the same, but they follow that rule even more closely than English does.

For example, we always say "me too", whereas in some cases it should actually be "I too", but that sounds too formal in English now. In German they have "ich auch", "mich auch" and "mir auch" which all translate into "me too".


Unless you are translating from Duolingo’s backward’s version where you will be marked wrong if you transpose them.

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