"The Unsullied's long sword is good."

Translation:Dovaogēdo korze sȳz issa.

April 15, 2018

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From what I read in the Learning High Valyrian wiki the genitive comes before the possessor and I assume in the genitive from so why doesn’t korze take a genitive from in this lesson and the possessors “Dovagedo” “Valo” do?


From the lesson notes: "The genitive case is assigned to the possessor in a possessive phrase." There is no separate genitive/possessor in the sentence; they are one and the same.

Korze is the subject of the sentence; it is not describing (possessing) anything else, so there is no need for it to change case. Dovaogēdo is in the genitive because the possessor is the Unsullied, and what the Unsullied possesses is the sword.

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