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Duolingo Lost all my Progress

All of my progress from the lst month is lost. It says i have competed 0 of 6 lessons on the first set of lessons. Ditto for the others. And I did some yesterday and there is no record of it. Ug! Is there something i can do to restore - frustrating to go back and redo them.

April 15, 2018



Did this happen before or after the crowns update?


After - I was away for 9 days and came back about a week agoand there were crowns and all my lesson progress is gone! But my word list appears to be there.


Have you checked your XPs? They should not have changed. Under the new system, we all lost our gold trees. It will take more time and effort to re-gold them, but you'll get a much better understanding of the basics.


In that case, it was just the Crowns update. Check out the FAQ: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26739837. It will answer your question about progress


In the old system, lessons used spaced repetition to make you practice if you have been away and so the lesson strength probably decayed while you were away and you would have had to practice to make the lesson gold again. Then they switched to crowns and a gold lesson would have been 1 crown at least. You can bring it up to gold by getting to level 1 crown and then you can continue down the tree. So if you bring everything up to 1 crown then you would have the equivalent of a golden tree. In the new crown system, the gold is saved for level 5, but don't try to get that all in one sitting. Get the whole tree to level 1 and you will be less bored. Then you can work on level 2. In the crown system, when you finally get to level 5 that gold will never fade and you will have the timed practice back. See the Crown FAQ discussion .

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