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Futurelearn is offering a German at Work (Post - Beginners 1) Deutsch am Arbeitsplatz course

For those who are looking for additional German language learning resources, www.futurelearn.com is offering a free 4-week online course. The course is now in week 2 and assumes that you have a basic understanding of German.

Topics include (direct from the course):

Meeting people

Talking about numbers, dates and times

Transport and travel arrangements

Work and leisure

Here is a link to the course: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/german-1

April 15, 2018



Fantastic - thank you, have a lingot :)


Thank you! Also, there is a German II course starting in several weeks on the same site. :)


Thank you! Have a lingot :)


Thank you! :)


Danke! I just joined the course - hope I can do well! (And have a lingot for telling us about it!)


Thank you. I think you'll do well in the course, this is the first time I've seen the German Course offered on futurelearn. I've taken several of their other language offerings and been impressed. :)


I learned on futurelearn Italian through English. Good experience... especially in the forum... I felt member of universal class because people from all over the world wrote thoughts and experiences from his countries


Glad to hear you had a good experience with Futurelearn for the Italian course. I've been been impressed with the Futurelearn language learning experience. :)


Thank you very much for this info! :) It is great additional resource and i plan to use it :)


Glad to see you plan to sign up. You may be interested in the Futurelearn German II course starting in a few weeks (I don't know the specific date). If you look in the course listings in the Language section of Futurelearn, you can express interest in the course (near the bottom of the language info) and they send an email when its available. Happy learning! :)


Thank you so much for this! I have signed up :) Have a lingot :)

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