"J'ai oublié mon adaptateur au bureau."

Translation:I forgot my adapter at the office.

April 15, 2018

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The English translation is poor. You would not forget your adapter at the office. You might leave it at the office. Or forget to take it to the office. Or forget to bring it from the office. But the stated translation is meaningless.


Hmm. For me, the English translation works if I'm meaning to convey that I have forgotten or failed to take into consideration that I have an adapter at the office, i.e. "I forgot {about} my adapter at the office."

If my adapter isn't available because I forgot to bring/take it from the office, it would be OK to say "I forgot my adapter." However, if I also want to specify the current location of the adapter, then I'd feel obliged to say "I left my adapter at the office" or "I forgot to bring/take my adapter from the office." In this situation, as a native speaker of (American) English, I would not say "I forgot my adapter at the office."

Perhaps "J'ai oublié mon adaptateur au bureau" can be used in either situation, e.g. (1) when I have bought a new adapter because I forgot that I had one at the office or (2) when I'm not able to charge my computer because I have forgotten to bring my adapter from the office.

Can a French language expert clarify?


I fail to see why 'I forgot' is correct and 'I have forgotten' is not.


I agree with Mags590012. In the UK at least, we would not say 'I forgot my adapter at the office' . We'd say 'I left my adapter at the office'. I am going to report it.


Agreed. Poor English.


The English is fine, but I agree that "I have forgotten" sounds even better and should be accepted as well.


I agree. It is already in the hints


I say left or have forgotten.


I didn't try it, but I would have liked to translate it to "I forgot my adapter at my desk." as if one was in a meeting at work.


What is an adapter? Like a phone charger??


Adaptor in British English. If you travel, the electric sockets (power points) are not the same, and maybe the voltage, so you plug your phone charger/shaver cable into an adaptor (like a portable socket) and plug the adaptor into the wall socket.


I would definitely prefer to use "have forgotten"


Duo accepted "I left my adaptor at the office" on one occasion - and then not on another. ??


Surely "i have forgotten", is as correct as "i forgot"!


What does this mean?


Have forgotten should b marked right....


It might be good french but it's poor english unless part of a more complex story.


Why can't we put 'left' - it is in the hints and makes sense. The translation has used the wrong word

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