"Tiens, vous voilà !"

Translation:Oh, there you are!

April 15, 2018

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Why is voila sometimes here and sometimes there? Is it a glitch in the duolingo system or a weird French thing?


Voici = see here [here- ici]

voila= see there [there- la]


This isn't completely true. "Nous voila" is translated as "We are here" when "vous voilà" is translated as "there you are."


That is right. There has been many times the two have been used interchangeably. Why is it different this time? Moreover, no mention of "there" in the hint. Only "here" is given. Now this is becoming really confusing.


From the different thread where a mod explained, voici is always here while voilà is either here or there (both are ok).


But I just found that in this question, only there is accepted. Oh, here you are got me wrong...


It actually is always "there". It's the "Voici" that means "here".


Or maybe a weird English thing, because we say "Oh, there you are" when you are.....here???


Seems that voila and voici are used interchangeably in this context.


How would you use the familiar 'tu' form in this sentence ? I tried "Tiens, tu voilà !" which was marked incorrect.


That's "Tiens, te voilà!", as the object pronoun (te) is used in this expression. So "Oh, there he is" would be "Tiens, le voilà!

It's the same form as in "Je te vois" (I see you), or "Je le vois" (I see him).


Why is tiens used here?


"Oh, you are here!" was marked incorrect. Is that actually wrong? If so, can anyone tell me why?


I think maybe because 'here' is voici.


If " tiens" is an interjection and "oh" is allowed, then why not "ah"?


I used "ah" and DL accepted it but told me I had a typo, underling "oh" in the correct version.


what's the Hxxl

why tiens=oh

why les voila = they are there vous volia= there you are la volia= she is here


Tiens can be used as an interjection


Tiens is indistinguishable from chien in the audio, so if you've not met the idiom already you are in the land of guesswork. Educational?


"Oh, here you are !"

Should also be accepted as correct and according to previous exercises.

Jan 14th. 2019


"Tiens, te voilà" is not acceptable according to DL. Is this a fixed expression or what?


Tiens can also be used for "hey", as in Hey, there you are. But it was counted wrong.


Not really sure in what context this would be said.

The english phrase "oh, there you are" could mean that you've been looking for someone and finally stumble across him and say that phrase.

Or it could be that someone has said "I've been asking and asking for someone to pass menthe scissors but no one is listening to me". To which the response is "oh, there you are [hands over scissors]".

I'm guessing the first is the right one but I want to check.


I am much more likely to say "Oh, there you are" if I just found someone I am looking for then say "Oh here you are"


It is odd to me that you would use, "tiens" which is 2nd person, singular and "vous" which is 2nd person, plural in the same sentence. French seems to be rigid about agreement. I understand that "tiens" is an interjection, but I would expect it to match the number or the level of formality.


Confusing! Sometimes "here" and sometimes "there"! WHY?


Technically, voila means there and voici means here, but in reality voila is often used to mean either here or there

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