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  5. "They do not like red apples."

"They do not like red apples."

Translation:Ils n'aiment pas les pommes rouges.

April 15, 2018



Why 'les pommes rouges' and not 'des pommes rouges'? I can never get this figured out - I just guess and get it wrong more often than right.

April 15, 2018


Remember this: The object of "aimer" will always use a definite article.

This is true for verbs of preference such as aimer, détester, etc. because they express a statement of generality. And the definite article is used for statements of generality.


OK so would the following be correct: "je commande des pommes rouges, mais je deteste les pommes rouges. "


Yes. Though in real life, you would shorten the second clause to "mais je les deteste", to avoid repeating "les pommes rouges". Also, you wouldn't order something you don't like. :)


Oh dear I'm atill confused - I thought articles were replaced by 'de' after a negative?


You've forgotten about the exception that the object of verbs of preference (aimer, detester, préférer, etc.) must use the definite article. When you see those kinds of verbs, the definite article should always trigger your memory.

And by the way only indefinite (un, une) and partitive (du, de la) articles change to "de" in the negative. The definite article (le, la, les) does not change in negative statements.

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