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French movies with French or English subtitles?

I'm still very early in my attempt to learn French, I'm using primarily Duolingo, I plan to watch some Youtube videos also but haven't really found any yet. When I get burnt out of Duolingo, I take a break to watch some Netflix and I figure I may as well try watching some French movies/shows. Now I'm wondering what would be more beneficial for a beginner like me, French or English subtitles?

April 15, 2018



Hey, Elijah. I recommend watching French films with the English subtitles. You are nowhere near the point of being able to watch a French film without the subtitles. What you are really doing is simply hearing how the French sound out words and phrases while you visualize what is actually being said. Plus you get to watch some wonderful French cinema!


Netflix Original shows have French audio and subtitles. I have watched both parts of the Trollhunters animated series in English (partly because I love a great animated series and also because my nanny kids were obsessed with the show) and now I am re-watching with French audio and French subtitles.

Watching any show is incredibly difficult because conversation speed is really REAAAAAAALLLY fast but I get excited when I pick up individual words and some phrases. If my nanny girls weren't already learning two languages I'd probably try and sneak on the French version of Sesame Street haha.


There are also loads of UK and USA films which have French audio tracks and English subtitles. I recently watched Jack Reacher 2 in French. DVDs of TV programmes are the same. Last year I watched Seasons 1-6 of Game of Thrones like that. Really good!

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