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"Since I have known her, she has never come here."

Translation:Depuis que je la connais, elle n'est jamais venue ici.

April 15, 2018



The first part of this sentence is perplexing- it looks like "Since I know her", present tense. Any clarifications welcome.


"Depuis" in French is used with the present tense to indicate an action that started in the past and is still happening in the present. In English, you would focus on the past (since I have known her), but in French, the focus is on the present because the action is still happening in the present.

If you have some time, read this explanation about "depuis":


Merci Georgeoftruth!

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Super helpful.! Thank you! Is the word ¨que¨ necessary or could one say ¨Depuis je la connais...¨


If a clause (subject + verb) follows "depuis", the "que" is necessary. "Depuis" is only a preposition. "Depuis que" is the conjunction.


French might just be the most grammatically stilted language I know.

I almost regret having studied the language, since I have lost all illusions about French being 'elegant', 'romantic' or whatever. Oh well.


"Depuis" is a preposition, and "depuis que" is the conjunction. In other words, you need the conjunction if you need "since" + subject and verb. This pattern is true for many other prepositions and conjunctions: après, après que, avant, avant que, pendant, pendant que, etc.

  • depuis 2001 = since 2001
  • depuis que je la connais = since I have known her
  • avant mai = before May
  • avant que ma mère revienne = before my mother comes back


depuis que je l'ai connue elle n'est jamais venue ici, is not correct ?


No, it is not. As mentioned above, "depuis" is used with the present tense to indicate an action that started in the past and is still happening in the present.


yes the rule with the present tense, I know it but I still have difficulty understanding sometime the usage in french with the present tense and the " imparfait et passé composé " in french


Understandable. We all have to learn and remember some of the quirks of a different language. And French definitely has a lot of them. Bonne continuation !


How can I know where to put words like 'jamais'?


it is used with the negation " ne " or " sans " if the verb is bound with ( I do not know how to translate the verb " lier " in english )

I give you some examples

je n'ai jamais connu

ils n'ont jamais connu

nous avons jamais connu

with the negation " sans "

je travaille sans jamais douter

ils travaillent sans jamais douter

but also without negation if it is not used with the verb

je l'ai toujours connu comme cela, jamais fatigué, jamais sans se plaindre !

but also in a positive way

as tu jamais douté

avez vous jamais douté


Maybe I've forgotten, but I thought 'connais' was used with people?


That's correct. The verb "connaître", conjugated as "connais", is used here.

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