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Wie viel werde ich lernen?

Das ist 90% übersetzt. Ich versuchen zu habe Deutsche überall. Ich habe ein frage, wie viel werde ich lernen mit Duolingo. Ich benutze auch Memrise. (Bad grammar, I know.)

I know I am at a low level but I am curious. I am Swedish so the language sound pretty familiar. Übersetzt sounds like Översatt, which is the same thing, so I have pretty easy to remember things. Should I fill up my vocabulary already or only learn late basics?

Thank you.

April 15, 2018



Välkommen till Duolingo !

This article in help may be of interest to you: I lost all of my progress because of Crowns!

Yes, it is about the Crown system, that has recently been introduced. However it does give you an idea of different ways you may be interested in enhancing your language learning by using Duolingo.

There is also tinycards for German

And there you have the ability to create your own decks. And very importantly, to attach audio to your decks for your source language of German. This feature is inbuilt into Tinycards, for languages such as German.

( back in a moment with more information.)


In particular, in TinyCards you can create your own decks, for your own interface between German and the wonderful language of Swedish.

And once you have created some useful decks, perhaps you may choose to make them "public" and allow others to use them also.


Duolingo also allows and even supports us volunteers to create appropriate decks in other useful resources, such as Memrise.

One of the benefits of Memrise is particularly for language courses that do not have audio capability in TinyCards for their target language. However, for German, this is one of the fortunate languages that has this potential.

So , anyway, also do not hesitate to see if there are resources already set up for you by other generous people in Memrise, that can assist your acquisition of vocabulary (words).


The advantage that Duolingo provides you, is that the focus is on grammar. That you learn how to use words in sentences. And there are also discussion boards, including the Sentence Discussion boards, where you can read in further detail about issues, and also ask questions that others have not asked. ( please though do read other questions and responses first. )

Also for many levels, there is Tips and Notes available. You access Tips and Notes by the little "light bulb" that is next to the start/practice button.

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