"Small details make a success of great ideas."

Translation:Les petits détails font le succès des grandes idées.

April 16, 2018



Again do not understand why it is le instead of un?

June 7, 2018


I'm also wondering this too

April 22, 2019


Usually, when a noun is preceded by an adjective, the indefinite article becomes de (instead of des). Is this an exception to that rule? Why?

April 16, 2018


Not sure if it is, but de is accepted. Also wondering about le instead of un

April 17, 2018


seconded. the english sentence in itself doesn't sound natural anyway but directly translated it should've been un instead of le.

April 19, 2018


The English is completely natural for me (native British English speaker).

December 20, 2018


I thought that "des" becomes "de" before an adjective. Have I misunderstood something?

September 24, 2018


"grandes idées" is a general concept, which needs a definite article in French: les. "succès de" + les becomes "succès des".

January 2, 2019


no one seems to know the answer... why le and not un

July 9, 2018


I don't understand either why it's 'le'. Any ideas out there?

June 25, 2018


Same question - why "le" and not "un" for succes when the article was "a" not "the"?.

August 17, 2018


Maybe because success here is an abstraction? Just as I would say “L’amour est grand” or “le sucèss est grand”?

August 17, 2018


Had it correct except for the use of the definite article - again can't see why. Any feedback from Sitesurf?

August 8, 2018


'A success'. Why is this translated as 'the success'?

September 23, 2018


once again who knows why not "un" rather than "le." I would like to know who develops these algorithms. Are they french speakers or working from a script

October 25, 2018


Still wondering about le instead of un and hoping for an explanation.

October 11, 2018


Regards "le" vs "un" succès. Maybe it's a convention rather than a grammar rule. If you search in Google's ngram for "font le succès,font un succès" you'll see that "le succès" is nearly 30x more common. A simple google search for +"font un succès" returns only 706 hits compared to over a million for +"font le succès".

October 17, 2018


I suspect that this is a French idiom. Fix the nuance in the English phrase please. "Small details make THE success of great ideas"

November 17, 2018


De ou des, un ou Le , both of my questions are already posted! Thx.

December 24, 2018


"Another correct solution: Les petits détails font le succès des grandes idées"

was given to me after my answer

"Les petits détails font le succès de grandes idées"

isn't it always de before an adjective?

January 19, 2019


Yeah, i thought the same thing, can't seem to find a good explanation why it's not the case here.

February 21, 2019
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