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Is this correct?

So, I made a connection in French, tell me if I'm right- To tell if something is feminine, to use Une and La correctly, the word it is describing will end in 'e'? E.g.- La viandE?

April 16, 2018



Unfortunately - no.

I would suggest taking the time to read :

And in summary,

  • It is very important to learn a noun's gender along with the noun itself because articles, adjectives, some pronouns, and some verbs have to agree with nouns; that is, they change depending on the gender of the noun they modify.
  • There is no easy way to determine the gender of every noun, and you have to remember the gender with each word.

And I recommend learning them using un / une : which mean a in English.

As with la / le , it is always contracted to l'~ , when the noun begins with a vowel or a h muet (silent h). ( but beware, for when the h is a h aspiré i.e. le héros : the hero.
(le/la/l' : means the in English.)

While contraction does not occur for un / une.

p.s. That discussion also has links to lots of other information that may be of interest to you.

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