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"Meine Familie geht jedes Jahr nach Italien."

March 23, 2013


[deactivated user]

    Hope they live close to the border. LoL In German you would use the correct verb, like fahren, fliegen, because it is unlikely that the whole family walks, and this every year. (I don't want to be part of that family)

    "Meine Familie geht nach ..." is more associated with migrating (auswandern) and that doesn't make sense either, why would you migrate every year? Still wondering where these texts are coming from? Just saying.


    Good to know. Thanks


    I haven't seen anyyyy of these words before.


    What's the matter with the sudden jump in the complexity? The program proceeded from less than one unseen word in a sentence, to a seven-unseen-word sentence. How it expects me to memorize them all without practicing each word by itself?


    "fährt" If you GO (gehen) to Italy you plan to stay longer (work, university, emigration...)


    I wonder if the sentence can be meine Familie geht nach Italien jedes Jahr


    In German you want your word order to sequence as follows: time, manner, place. So you would want 'jedes Jahr' - your time - to go before 'Italien' - your place.


    S(v)TOMP. Subject verb time object manner place... roughly.


    "My family goes every year to Italy." - Marked wrong. :/


    It's an awkward word order in English.

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