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"Our mother's sister's husband is our mother's brother-in-law."

Translation:'IrneHnalma' ghaH SoSma' be'nI' loDnal'e'.

April 16, 2018



A quick comment to the course creators: It took me a while to get my head around this sentence. At least in my mind, the husbands of my mother's sisters are my "uncles", not my "mother's brothers-in-law". For that reason, it didn't occur to me to try to translate "mother's brother-in-law" as 'IrneHnal, but rather as SoS loDnI'nal or SoS loD'e'nal or something like that.

I would consider changing the "default" English sentence to "Our mother's sister's husband is our uncle". Obviously, to translate correctly into Klingon, "uncle" would have to rendered 'IrneHnal and not one of the various other words for "uncle".


Fair enough! That sounds reasonable, and I've changed the default English as you suggested.

In a multiple-choice question, by the way, you'll have to pick both SoSma' be'nI' loDnal and me'ma' loDnal for "our mother's sister's husband".

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