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"Where is the mother of the little boys?"

Translation:Kde je matka těch malých chlapců?

April 16, 2018



"Kde je ta matka těch malych kluků?" is wrong?


I know (now) that I do not have the accent on 'y' but I am guessing that the problem is with the word for 'boys'.


The system accepts this with a typo warning about the missing diacritic mark.


No, it doesn't. I just wrote "kde je ta matka těch malých kluků?" and it didn't accept it.


I can see now where the problem is. "ta matka", here that is supposed to be the equivalent of "that mother", not just the usual "the mother".


Please can you also say, kde je matka toho maleho kluka as an accusative form? and if yes, how do we use this Kde je matka těch malých chlapců? for genetiv in everyday czech? thanks


There is nothing accusative there.

toho malého kluka - genitive singular

těch malých chlapců - genitive plural

We need plural here, we have multiple boys.

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