"Tu mords dans une grosse fraise."

Translation:You are biting into a large strawberry.

April 16, 2018



Why is "you bite a big strawberry" incorrect?

April 16, 2018


I have no idea of the difference between bite a strawberry and bite into a strawberry. Since they both mean the same thing they must both be correct. However I recognise there are many versions of English.

October 27, 2018


I thought this module was about animals! It seems to have skipped to just biting things!!

December 29, 2018


Why bite into? Never heard that expression in the context of strawberries

June 2, 2018


If you bite a strawberry .By definition you bite into it so I agree with Andriy

October 26, 2018

[deactivated user]

    To 'bite into' is very common in the context of food.

    August 11, 2018


    Could grosse here translate to fat?

    July 31, 2018


    Grasse is fat, if you mean oily. ...Wondering if you mean the spelling similarity between grosse and grasse, or our English term for a 'plump' strawberry.

    It would be interesting to know if the term "fat" for a plump or large food item is used in the same way in France? Any helpers?

    August 27, 2018


    As you suggested, I was curious if 'grosse' could be translated to fat or plump for a large food item or if you would just use grasse.

    July 2, 2019


    Is "Tu mords une grosse fraise" incorrect? If not, what is the difference in meaning to this sentence?

    July 1, 2019
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