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Write “the car” in Spanish

Duolingo please sort out your sentences. Another "Write the word sentence, with no options to report other than say "the picture does not match the sentence" and no discussion thread. The car should be straight forward, but will it accept "el coche"? No, will it accept "el auto"? No. Will it accept "el automóvil"? No. It says this is wrong, it says "correct answer el carro". Come on Duolingo, you can do better than this.

April 16, 2018



Thanks I'll wait for the sentence to come up again so I can sent them a screen shot.


You should be able to report this and say “my answer should be accepted”. This sounds like a regional thing. I know el coche is correct in Spanish Spanish so it should be accepted.


Thanks. However I know this, as I said the only "report" option that Duolingo gave me was "the picture does not match the sentence" There was also no "discuss" option. So I put this comment in "Sentences" hoping that it would kick start the discussion option.


I think we’ll all have to start paying to see that change. .


in what section did you find that? which skill?


I can't even see carro in my list of words. i can see auto and coche

So I would have thought they would accept el auto or el coche before accepting el carro


So would I. it's so basic. It keeps coming up for me in travel. The more annoying thing is that there is no option to report it.


El coche- all over spain


I agree. You tell Duolingo


In my Spanish class, they use el carro and el coche. I'm learning there are always multiple ways to say something in Spanish. So far, I think I've learned 8 different words for beautiful.


Yes I know. The problem is that in this case Duolingo is only accepting one translation, which is not very helpful.

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