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  5. "你在寒假里想做什么?"


Translation:What do you want to do during the winter holidays?

April 16, 2018



I can think of no good reason for 里 in this sentence. I have had this question posed to me by my Chinese friends and students countless times and they never use 里. It's always simply 你寒假要做什么?


That's "winter vacation" in American English. This Chinese sentence does not refer to "holidays" in the U.S. sense, nor in the plural.


Thank you, that helps. Does this refer specifically to the winter vacation in Jan & Feb that includes Chinese new year or can it also be used for other "winter breaks" (e.g. in Europe or America) in the end of Dec to early Jan?


the winter holidays -


Dear Duolingo staff, Duolingo is the best language learning tool I know of...but this "holiday" needs to be corrected. Native English speakers do not say "holiday" the way it is translated here. "What do you want/plan to do during the winter break?" If you really want the lessons to teach the word "holidays", then just allow, "What do you want/plan to do during the holiday(s)?" Native English speakers will just leave out "winter/summer" in this case, as which break/holiday it is will be understood in the context of the conversation.


I've been a native English speaker for fifty years and I would say "winter holiday", "winter holidays", "winter vacation", or "winter vacations", etc. They all sound find to me.

I don't know if it has anything to do with growing up in Australia where our winter break is some time around June/July/August, or if it's something else.


Shouldn't the English be "during the winter holidays"?


Perhaps "winter holidays" is standard British English, but it falls funny on American ears


Well, the British invented the language so there you go.


Nobody invented English. It evolved and borrowed from earlier languages long before "British" was even an identity and it's still evolving. So there you go.


What do you want to do during the winter vacation? No American please, we are Chinese.


I'm not Chinese or American and I have no idea what you are trying to say here -:

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