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Der Die Das in practice

Can Duolingo put "Der Die Das" in practice? We have a word in english, and then there is three words in german to choose correct one, but there is no "Der Die Das" in front of them. Why? It could be easier to memorise.

April 16, 2018



I would like to see a Der/Die/Das bucket game.

All you have to do is drag 10 german words (or so) into the correct Der, Die or Das bucket. Wrong bucket and and that bucket greys out. Better yet, all completed words spill out and you have to start over.


I think the point of them not telling you is to make you realise that the best way to remember the genders is to simply remember the gender of each word. I don't think they want your constantly relying on the tooltips for each word because it may become a crutch for you.


We're the same level in German! How long have you been learning for?


Ooh, about 4 or 5 months now I'd say. not very long.


drei monaten Ich bin zufrieden

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