"Já Kateřinu miluju, kdežto on ji nenávidí."

Translation:I love Kateřina, while he hates her.

April 16, 2018

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Does "kdežto" have the same meaning as "zatímco"?


In this specific case yes, but kdežto points more at the difference or oppositeness while zatímco does it less strongly (I'd say).

Zatímco can also be used just to point that two events were concurrent while kdežto always points at the difference or oppositeness.


Wouldn't whereas be a better translation instead of while? While has more to do with actions. eg: I was cooking while you were playing.


WHILE https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/while

2 a : when on the other hand : whereas easy for an expert, while it is dangerous for a novice

b : in spite of the fact that : although while respected, he is not liked


okey dokey. I prefer whereas in this translation :)


Has the verb "nenávidiet" a positive counterpart?

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