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Does this makes sense?

As you can see apparently I am on level 13 french, is 25 not the max? I finished 10 golden balls and 8 are being worked on, so 60 more to do, how can I be on level 13? If 25 is the max I should be sort of halfway now, I'm far from!

April 16, 2018



It's about how many points you accumulate as you practice. I am currently on level two of the clothing skill and all the previous skills are golden. I've racked up more points doing this than my old French tree had and I was halfway through that tree entirely. If you make sure all your skills are golden as you progress you will get to level 25 faster than you would if you didn't take your skills to level five.


Lica I feel proud that you think that English is my first language!

Thanks for explanation Emily and Pierre

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