"Brukerne har delte meninger om kronenivåene."

Translation:The users have divided opinions on the Crown Levels.

April 16, 2018

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I might not like the new crown levels, but I really do like our amazing contributors / mods, who ceaselessly add new sentences. Takk for legge arbeid i dette kurset fremdeles :=)!


Bare hyggelig! We're working on 4.0 now. :)


From what I've read, the Norwegian course seems to be already the most witty and entertaining one on Duolingo (on which I could not agree more) and you plan on improving it even further :)? At some point you should get funded by the Norwegian government!


Thank you! Being a perfectionist is hard work. ;)

Wouldn't that be nice? They could sponsor some brunost at the very least.


This will be my eighth tree to complete. My coming here was mostly random. However, not only did this course elevate my entire Doulingo experience, it made me more determined to visit this beautiful place with such smart and witty people.

Love you MODS! ^_^ ♡


Velkommen skal du være! :)


But first you have to improve the audio! Too much incorrect pronounciuations. But I agree that the texts (that I have seen so far) are fine ☺


While we'd love to improve the audio, the current TTS is the best one on the market.

Of course, recording human audio for each sentence is an option, but it's one that comes with its own set of issues: dialect choice, recording quality, sound normalization, cost... We also wouldn't be able to add new sentences on a weekly basis like we do now and have them populated with audio files near-instantly.

It's not my decision to make, but let's just say that I understand why Duolingo prefers the TTS option for any language where a decent TTS is available.

Just to give you some idea of the kind of work it would take to record the audio, this course contains close to 20 000 sentences, and in addition to recording two versions of each of those you'd need to record all the single-word sound files.


I'm surprised more sentences are added on a weekly basis. Amazing work!


This course have kept me so engaged! And you can feel the human rights. It's so beautiful.

Tusen takk!


I like them. It means more organized practice and learning.


What on earth are the Crown Levels?


The rather controversial, new system for the Duolingo lessons: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26739837


It was discouraging when they first came in but I'm finding it quite useful, especially with the opportunity to test out and skip some of the repetition as confidence grows.


I like them, I had finished the course and was really sad. Now I have loads to work on, keep it coming :)


Instead of adding the extra level I would have preferred dialogues and stories, as they have in the German and Italian courses. More variety keeps it fresh. I was planning to complete the course to level 5, and I will probably stick to that.


why does delte mean divided here and not shared?


It's a tricky one, as "å dele" can mean both "to share" and "to divide".

Here, "delte" is a past participle functioning as an adjective. "Å ha delte meninger" is used to express that someone has differing opinions. In other contexts, like when talking about shared custody, it can mean "shared", but in this sentence it would not be interpreted that way.


So how would you express sharing an opinion? i.e.: having the same opinion as someone else.


You could use "å ha samme mening" in Norwegian as well, or you could say that you're in agreement: "Vi er enige", "Jeg er enig med deg", "Vi er enige om X", etc.


The Old English ancestor of the verb "to deal" (dælan) also meant both "to divide" and "to share."


I imagine it's also related to 'dole', as in 'doling out'.


I hate them. My learning here is getting useless without the golden levels


Hva betyr dette?


So, how would you literally say, 'The users have shared opinions on the Crown Levels.'?


From what I can gather from Deliciae's comments, it would be the same.


I love the new crown levels, the challenge of them, although sometimes they make me swear a lot!!!

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