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"Reden auf mich ein" vs. "alle reden zu mir"

In Diary of Dreams' song, Grau im Licht there are two sentences that seem to convey the same meaning.

"Und alle Menschen reden zu mir Reden auf mich ein"

I understood it as "And all the people talk to me, talk to me" but the author uses different sentences and the grammar of each sentences is different.

I've seen a translation where "Reden auf mich ein" was translated to "Persuade me". Is the translation accurate? If so, why?

April 16, 2018



"reden auf mich ein" is not that they normally talk to you. it implies that you are in a situation which is rather uncomfortable. it can mean: they are talking, talking and talking non stop from all sides and you do not know where to listen. it can also mean they are trying to convince you of something which you can't agree with. and it can also mean that you just think the people talking to you are annoying couse for some reason you do not want to talk to anyone right now but they don't get it and keep talking. it can also mean they are talking to in a language you do not understand and you feel really helpless but they don't realize you don't understand a word.

of why it is that way ? i do not know. our ancestors at some point decided it like that. or rather it just developed to be like that. maybe a philologist could give you an answer to that part of the question, maybe.


I'm wondering if there is a grammar rule I can use to differentiate between these two sentences. Is this just an idiom? Or a more general part of the language?


well, you can say that the "auf ... ein" part is often associated with something negative. if you see a guy who gets beaten up you can say "sie schlagen auf ihn ein" for examble. or if someone gets attacked/ stabbed with a knife "er/sie sticht auf ihn/sie ein" etc. in what way i think it is not just an idiom. though i can't think of a grammer rule which could help you here ...


Jemandem zureden means to persuade him that what he does is good. Your clear out his doubts and build his self-confidence.


yes and no. sie reden zu mir does merely mean they talk to me. if it is that you discribed one would say sie reden mir (gut) zu.

sie reden zu mir-> they talk to me

sie reden mir zu -> they (try to) encourage me

Mein Abitur liegt zwar schon ein paar Jahre zurück aber ich bin mir sicher, dass sich das nicht geändert hat seit meiner Schulzeit :-)


Stimmt, Danke! Darauf hatte ich nicht geachtet. Jemandem zureden vs zu jemandem reden. However, I would never use "zu jemandem reden", I rather use "zu jemandem sprechen". But it seems as if it is right too.


Ich würde es im täglichen Gebrauch auch nicht sagen. Aber er hat den Satz von einem Liedtext... da drückt man sich unter Umständen anders aus...

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