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Practice exercise does not actually target the words that need practicing?

Does anyone else find that the practice exercises do not actually target the words the "words" page indicates needs reviewing?

Am i doing something wrong?

April 16, 2018



This is one of the changes I dislike the most

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melanie was this changed somehow? I never noticed (because I did not look) that my practice affected anything except that the latest words would go to the top of the Words list. I didn't think that the exercises themselves would change though.


Well, I really liked before that when you clicked practice it targeted and topped up the weaker skills and words. I liked not having to think too much about what I needed to practice!


I've noticed it too. mag is marked as not often exercised in my words page. I see it all the time though.

[deactivated user]

    Yes, they are not connected in any way.


    I suspect that there are some words that just don't ever get updated. I've got words like "Bohnen" and "Katze", that say I haven't practiced them in 10 or 11 months. I can do exercises with those words every day, and they just don't update.


    I preferred the way it was before they changed it.

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    Elderwanda by "update" do you mean that Duo continues to use these nouns in the exercises? I can understand why they use Katze, Hund and Haus a lot because they know we know the gender of these nouns. So, when they are concentrating on noun, adjective and pronoun declensions we are certain of the gender and can go on and do the exercises without having to stop to consider the gender. Does this make sense?


    I'm talking about the "Words" section at the top of the page, where it says, "Home Words Discussion Labs". If you click on "Words", you get a list of words you've learned. Each word has a "last practiced" and "strength". For some words, that information never changes. If I go and do a lesson right now, which contains the word "Katze", I should be able to look at that list afterwards and see that "Katze" is among my most recently practiced words. That is not the case. It will still say "10 months ago" for "last practiced", instead of saying, "5 minutes ago." Also, the strength bar remains at its lowest setting no matter what I do. That's what I mean by not updating.

    Mind you, none of this is particularly important in the great scheme of things, as it doesn't keep me from practicing and learning. It's just slightly annoying on a psychological level. If I just spent ten minutes typing "Die Katze trinkt Milch" for the 100th day in a row, it's kind of irksome to see "Katze: Last practiced 10 months ago. OVERDUE."

    I haven't counted them, but there are probably only a handful of words that do this.

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    Oh, jetzt verstehe ich.

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    the thing I dont like about the practice function is that it focuses on one (sometimes 2) lessons each time. Once you know what area is being tested, the words are easier to remember. It would be better if each question when doing a practice came from different completed lessons so you have to work harder to think about what the words are.


    I have not used the practice option much at all, so I have not noticed this fact.


    Mine still targets weak words! I've been using practice more lately since the new Crowns update removed spaced repetition, which was a critical feature for me. Maybe it's some silent A/B test and hopefully the data will show that it's a bad idea.


    I almost hope it's not a test, because I can see the outcome being: Small percentage of new users who don't know or care about SRS stick around for two days longer because they get marked wrong less ->"we've removed SRS, as extensive testing has shown that this is what's best for everyone"

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