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I have a problem I dont know how to make questionsentences inpasse composse and imperfect

April 16, 2018



Anyone can give me link for english detail in these topics

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Can you explain a little more what the problem is exactly?

The imperfect isn't a compound tense so it works like for the present:

"Tu mange du pain" -> "Manges-tu du pain?" becomes in the imperfect "Tu mangeais du pain" -> "Mangeais-tu du pain?"

You can also use the "est-ce que" trick as usual, without changing the conjugation of "est": "Est-ce que tu mangeais du pain?".

The passé composé is a bit trickier because it's a compound tense so you have to remember to only swap the conjugated verb only. So you end up with "Tu as mangé du pain" -> "As-tu mangé du pain?". The subject and conjugated auxiliary verb swap places, the participle stays where it is. "Est-ce que" also works: "Est-ce que tu as mangé du pain?"

It's exactly the same if the auxiliary verb is être instead of avoir: "Vous êtes contents" -> "Êtes-vous contents?" or "Est-ce que vous êtes contents?".

I hope that helps.

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