"My sister was thinking too much about that."

Translation:Ma sœur réfléchissait trop à cela.

April 16, 2018


[deactivated user]

    So, penser vs reflechir rears its head.

    However, are we really being given enough context to suggest that only reflechir works with this sentence? I don't think so, but I'm happy to be corrected.

    August 5, 2018


    "Ma soeur pensait beaucoup trop à cela " is rejected. ???

    April 16, 2018


    Can 'y' be used here instead of 'à cela'? 'Ma sœur y réfléchissait trop'?

    September 12, 2018


    Just when I think I have it sussed, that réfléchir is for general thinking and penser is for thinking about something, this pops up to correct me. I now have no idea what the difference is.

    January 1, 2019


    While I have no idea either, it is clear that penser should also be accepted here. I assume that pensait will be added as a correct answer once enough people report it, but I've been wrong before!

    February 1, 2019


    Reported 28 Feb 2019.

    March 1, 2019
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