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  5. "I like light blue jeans."

"I like light blue jeans."

Translation:J'aime les jeans bleu clair.

April 16, 2018



Why bleu and clair not in plural ???


If the jeans is plural (requires les) shouldn't the adjectives be plural too?


Why isn't it "J'aime des jeans bleu clair"?


You use "les" when talking about ALL of a given thing, or that thing in general but not a specific item. If you say "les chats boivent de l'eau," it would be understood that you meant ALL cats drink water, not ant specific group of cats.

This person likes light jeans in general, not some or a specific pair.


When do we use singular "jean"?


Am wondering this too. "Un jean est un pantalon" is correct but this translation requires the plural of jeans.


Ah, but this means "jeans" in general, so even though a "pair of" jeans or trousers is singular in French, multiple pairs are still plural.


j'aime un jean bleu pâle should be accepted; 'jeans' in English can refer to a single pair or multiple.


I think (and I say this as someone who really wants Duo to accept more translations), this isn't right, because if you really only meant one pair of jeans, you'd say "I like the pair of jeans" (or "a pair").


J'aime les jeans bleu pale should be accepted


Get it straight or don't mark a beginner wrong...…………….French is difficult enough without confusion erupting from the so called professors with their marginal backgrounds in "English. "


En bref Jean : étoffe en coton à armure sergée d’une seule couleur

Denim : étoffe en coton à armure sergée bicolore.

Jeans : pantalon d’une forme précise, en denim.

source : ‘histoire du jeans’ – Paris musées

En français, jean ou jeans sont tolérés voir http://www.larousse.fr/dictionnaires/francais/jean/44840


Same question as above why les ?


why not clair blue?


French word order is different than what we would use in English. For example, it would sound odd in English to say "I like blue light jeans" but that is the correct order in French. I remember it by thinking the blue is describing the jeans and light is describing the blue.


J'aime un jean bleu clair. - marked as wrong - ??


that's "I like a pair of light blue jeans".


Why isn't bleu pâle correct?


Now I'm really confused. In french "le jean bleu clair" et "le jeans bleu clair" is correct. "jean" and "jeans" can be singular.

But then Duo says "les jeans bleus clairs" is not correct? Shouldn't the color agree? If this is incorrect, shouldn't "Les jeans bleu clair" also be incorrect?


Why singular adjectives for a plural noun

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