"Ces filles passaient devant chez mes parents tous les jours."

Translation:Those girls would pass by my parents' every day.

April 16, 2018

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Why is "house" not part of this English translation?


were passing by is wrong? only would is acceptable????????????????? why?????????????????


I think they released the expanded French course in beta stage, because there are quite a few oddities, hypocrisies and pure errors, and accepting only one or very few (valid) translations seems to be quite commonplace now.

As a nonnative English speaker, this is just that much more tiresome, as you need to not only understand the French and be able to formulate a translation in English, but you often have to memorize the specific "Duolingo rules" (they insist on certain translations for certain turns of phrase to hammer in the lessons, for example) applying in a given unit, and more generally which answers are accepted where (as it seems there are a lot of valid translations that are not yet accepted at times).


I know what you mean, it's true Duo has it's way, I think it has to do to with the difficulty of needing a reverse translation for everything. But...I think also many of us (like me for instance) are struggling with the past imperfect which just is different than our english tenses. It seems to include usages that english speakers have separate tenses for. What do you think?


Everyone struggles with the imperfect tense until it becomes clear. Here is a link to a very helpful site: https://languagecenter.cla.umn.edu/lc/FrenchSite1022/FirstVERBS.html


I understand very well the imperfect because Spanish (my native language) has an imperfect tense, but I am struggling with the English translations because Duolingo sometimes is too picky with waht is accepted and what is not; and you have to learn the Duolingo way.

Yo se que esas muchachas pasaban delante de la casa de mis padres todos los dias; yo las veía y les decía adios. El problema es traducirlo al ingles de la manera que Duolingo quiere. Pero nada, todo es cuestión de ser paciente.


Imagine yourself standing by the door to great treasures, guarded by the genie Duo. Now you must say the magic pass phrase ... ;-)


Romance language (eg Italian, Spanish, Portuguese) speakers do not struggle with it because all of them have the imperfect tense.


The addition of "tous les jours" or every day, means that "were passing," the past progressive, does not work in this context in English. You could write "those girls were passing my parents house when suddenly a dog barked" to show an incomplete action or an action of limited duration. The French and English tenses don't always correspond, and here to express a daily habit in the past, you would use "would pass," "passed" or "used to pass."


The use of "tous les jours" puts this sentence squarely in the realm of a repeated or habitual action. The common way to say that is that "they used to ...."


I've been calling them 'duolingo password phrases' ;-) Though there is a lot to be said for having one right answer. I'm not frustrated by it because I know alternative instruction approaches are also flawed. It seems to me that not having context around some of these sentences combined with the inherit complexity of language makes it very difficult to reach the ideal they appear to be striving for.


It rejected "those girls used to pass in front of my parents' house every day", insisting on the "by". Reported 26 April 2018.


For what it is worth, we use the phase "passed in front of our place" often. It distinguishes among the other possibilities. Perhaps it is an urban versus rural difference?


That is technically correct but a bit over the top in terms of a literal translation. Accept the notion that "passer devant" something just means "to go by" it. There is no improvement made with the literal "pass" or "in front of".

[deactivated user]

    This question is faulty and annoying...

    I answered: These girls would pass my parent's every day

    Yet it said I was wrong and said the correct answer was: Those girls would pass by my parents' every day.

    What a petty insignificant difference. Cherry-picking the most minuscule differences from your answers compared to what the AI wants, just to say "you're incorrect" over and over again...

    I came here to learn French, not how to please some hyper-sensitive cherry-picking AI...


    I cannot see my response to compare with the correct response. I think they are the same, after repeated submissions.


    Are you using a mobile device? Some screens do not work as well with the format. Try using the website on a computer if the problem persists.


    Cannot see my own response to compare with Duolingo.


    Please note that 'these girls went past my parents' house every day' should be accepted. Many thanks for the great work, as ever.


    "used to pass by" is closer to the French imperfect tense and should be used in the main translation of this sentence IMHO.

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