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"¿Cuántos vestidos nuevos tienes?"

Translation:How many new dresses do you have?

April 16, 2018



Here 'have you' works better than 'you have' (the former is marked wrong). Both should be allowed. I agree with another poster that adding 'got' is wasteful (as it's implied). A Duo thing.


I have no problems with Spanish speakers who do not pronounce the final -s. It is not an unusual phenomenon. BUT if you provide no context and the final -s is not heard and you mark it wrong when tiene is used instead of tienes, you discourage the learner.


"How many new dresses have you?" is perfectly acceptable English. Given that people have been reporting this for a year, Duolingo should be embarrassed not to have fixed it. Anyone listening out there?


This is a user forum, so no, no one who can fix it is listening.

I checked the incubator and only one person reported it, and it was recent. That is probably why it hasn't been fixed.


Thanks, Danielconcasco, for filling me in about this forum. I'm pretty new to Duolingo and not familiar with this forum. I have "reported" this multiple times (clicking "report" as opposed to clicking "discuss" and simply posting it here) and suspect that others' discussed items have been similarly reported. I've also "reported" other errors with neither response nor fixes appearing in the program. Perhaps they periodically comb through the reports and make updates - I wonder. I know an app like this isn't going to be perfect and will push folks to learn "Duolingo Spanish." Venting a bit. Best wishes.


The real question here is, how long does a dress continue to be new? Can you wear it several times or is it when you remove the tag or maybe the first time that you get it cleaned? Maybe when it starts to not look new or a new design comes out. Can we use the same criteria when referring to cars or is it different. Say i buy a used car. It's new to me but technically it's not a new car. These are the questions i would really like Duo to clarify. They are very perplexing and keep me up late at night as I try to make it to the top of the leader board. Loosing endless hours of sleep. Why? Why do I do this when it's all for nothing. I may learn a language. But there are so many nuances in the language and idiomatic phrases that just can't be learned until you actually go to a country that speaks the language you are learning, and then there are dialects that we have to diciefer. That is a whole new area. I digress! Enjoy your learning experience people. Try Duo stories they are great fun as well.


How does changing the order of the words change the meaning? As an English speaker I find it awkward.


I don't know what you are referring to, but that can definitely happen. And it happens in English as well.
Compare the two sentences "I give the dog a bone" and "I give the bone a dog".

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