"¿Cuántos vestidos nuevos tienes?"

Translation:How many new dresses do you have?

7 months ago



'How many new dresses have you?' Should be accepted

7 months ago


I agree. It would seem to me to also be closer to the Spanish.

5 months ago


I agree.

1 month ago


I have flagged it. In normal conversation you are more likely to use "have you" than "do you have" but either should be right.

3 months ago

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(UK speaker). Personally, in normal conversation, I would use "have you got".
I believe "have got" is common in British English but unusual, or not used (?), in the USA (though compare "I got rhythm...").

[Is it just a question of "to have and to have got"?!]

2 weeks ago

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The translation supplied by Duolingo "How many new dresses do you've" puts "you've" at the end of a sentence. In English "you've" is never put at the end of a sentence. At the end of a sentence it has to be "you have". In general "you've" is one of the least used contractions in English. Spoken it is used with "got" as in "You've got to see this." Or "You've got a lot of explaining to do." Or "You've got mail." Rarely any other way.

4 months ago


I agree. I think Duolingo would be better teaching written English rather than spoken English. The don't can't etc probably appeal to kids brought up on text speak but do not represent the language well. I only hope that in the Duolingo courses for other languages to English they stick to words and not contractions to avoid confusion. Incidentally saw a translation to 'have vacation' today. Can you have vacation? Surely it is 'have a vacation'.

4 months ago


The only purpose the English sentences Duolingo shows us is to provide us with an understanding about what the Spanish sentences mean. And that is all. Therefore if they do that trick then they are good enough. They do not need to be any better or in any way any different from the way they are. Therefore, further, if one does understand what the provided English says, as it is, instead of striving to get Duolingo to use one's more preferred way to say something one should move on to the next challenge. This comment is mainly addressed to all those those who do not understand the purpose of the English sentences, what they are for, and what to do with them.

1 month ago


How many new dresses have you is a correct statement. Or How many new dresses do you have using "got" is more crude

1 month ago


Why you give me this?! "How many new dresses do you've" I am confusion.

1 month ago


You have how many new dresses. Wrong. Stupid.

2 months ago


No need to cut oneself down like that for dinging out.

1 month ago
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