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How do you say bathroom door and toilet door?

Hey :]

How do you say bathroom door and toilet door? Would it be 'la porte de salle de bains' and 'la porte toilettes' respectively?

April 16, 2018



La porte de la salle de bain

La porte des toillettes

You can also use the "à" equivalent in place of "de":

La porte à la salle de bain

La porte aux toilettes


There is only one possibility . La porte de la salle de bains et la porte des toilettes. You cannot use 'à" or "aux"


I'm not sure about "à la salle de bain," but I have definitely heard French speakers say "la porte aux toilettes." Perhaps this is one of the scenarios where what a French speaker says is technically incorrect but understood nonetheless. My thinking is that if one of them works, the same formation in a different context should work as well.


We might say that in french but it's a very weird phrasing. "la porte aux toilettes" might appear in a phrase like "est-ce que tu a fermé la porte aux toilettes ?" which would translate to "did you close the door at/in the toilets?". People would understand but it's weird and a bit wrong. The correct way to say is by using "de" or "des". "La porte de la salle de bain", "la porte des toilettes".


you don't say " à la salle à bain" which is what you suggest with "la porte à la salle de bain" and that is why it should be "de" or "des" ???


I agree with Qwl8143


What's a 'toilet door'....??? English is my first language, and I don't get what that is....I keep picturing a toilet lid with a door on it, which is obviously not what you meant. I can't figure out what you meant. I'm learning French, too, but I don't even know what you mean by this in English. But other people seem to. Huh. A toilet doesn't have a door! I guess some people do call 'the bathroom' 'the toilet'....but to me that's rude and weird and I never say it or really hear it. Plus if that's what you mean, your question would be repetative because then 'toilet door' and 'bathroom door' would be the same thing. I'm not trying to be rude at all by the way! I just never heard the phrase 'toilet door' before. I'm Canadian. Maybe 'toilet door' is something said in a different english-speaking country?

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