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"El equipo"

Translation:The team

March 23, 2013



Accepted also: “The team“.


NOT accepted.


I think it depends what version of DL you are using. Yo uso mi celular


I'm using mine and it was surprisingly not accepted. June 2017.


Now the primary answer


So in writing "The team needs equipment" I would write "El equipo necesita equipo". (?). Hmm.


No Dave, although you tried. It would be written as "El equipo necesitan el equipo". And have a lingot.


Nice Q+A Dave, but I think Dave 1 was right, and Dave 2 is messing with him. As a singular group the first "equipo" should use the singular "necesita" and as non-specific equipment the second "equipo" should not require the article. On a different point, "equipo" must be confusing as most teams have equipment. If the manager asks "Donde esta el equipo?" how would you know if he/she is asking about the team's whereabouts or their gear's?


Good question Jellonz. It must cause some confusion. I suppose the manager could always ask "Donde esta el equipo del equipo?" to clarify if it was the gear.


Haha... so funny. But you four (Davids and jellonzes) are wrong.

Equipment can, in Spanish, mean equipo, equipación or equipamiento (but not equipaje) So, if you are using the word equipo (team) in your speech, you should use another word for equipment:

el equipo necesita equipación.

Repeating the same word in just one sentence is a bit silly (or funny if you're joking)


Gracias Securinega. I've noticed that in Spanish sometimes I say something and a native speaker comments that it is technically ok, but would not normally be heard, because two of the words just don't sound right together, or sound too similar, or now, sound the same. In English choosing words that sound best together is very common with the written word, but not as much in the spoken.


Ah! Gracias por esa información. No lo sabía. Un saludo jellonz.


I have to point out that duolingo does love the sentence "Ella vino con vino". Just saying...


Gracias, maestro.


I typically use "el equipo" for "the team", whereas I'll use "el equipamiento" for equipment.


How then do you differentiate between equipment and team? Say you want to say "The team is here but the equipment is at home" or something like that?


As the user Securinega stated, you would use one of the other words that mean equipment like "equipación" or "equipamiento".


The word "ekip" in Turkish also means "team" (we don't have the letter "q"). I guess it comes from Spanish!!


I don't know about the Turkish but the Spanish equipar comes from the French equiper and this comes from the Nordic skipa that means to equip a boat, like the Spanish esquifar.

Perhaps that Turkish word came from the same Nordic origin.


French and Spanish are Romance (or Latin-based) languages


Or maybe the other way around since there are a lot of Arabic words in Spanish as a result of being occupied by the Moors for 400 years


Équipe in French=team. But équipage=the crew of a boat. quite false friends...


It should be the team right


Siempre pienso en la palabra team oara equipo.


First i put "the team" for el equipo- said I'm wrong. Then i put "the equipment," which was also wrong. Now it won't let me move on unless I back out, losing my progress.

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