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Duolingo French Stories...je les aime!

If you haven't found them yet, they're available on the website at stories.duolingo.com. I haven't seen them in app form. They remind me of the old "conversations" that went away. I love how natural the speech sounds between the characters, and there's a good variety of exercises to test your comprehension! The vocabulary feels a lot broader/more advanced than the regular Duolingo tree, which I like. I've been wanting a challenge lately. If a Mod sees this: please don't make Stories go away! They are very helpful. :)

April 16, 2018



I'm loving the French stories as well! Reading French is easy for me, but listening comprehension is where I drastically fall short. What I love most about the stories is the fact that the diction and cadence of the characters are very natural. Makes it sound more like what I hear everyday on the streets here in France. I appreciate it, Duo!


I so agree! Though mods aren't the ones who make the website! XD Coders do.


I know. ;) I just don't know where else to go to express this.


Ha ha, that's fine!


Indeed. Also, as somebody who is learning french by both english and portuguese based courses, I wonder if it would be too difficult to add these stories to the portuguese course as well, just as an example. Not much of a practical difference, but some people don't even know this option exists since they didn't start the english based courses.


Hey thanks for that. I am at a point in my lessons where I need to hear real French conversations. I watch French movies ( with subtitles ) on Netflix and that is starting to help. But I appreciate your comment.


Definitely agree!


Having fun with them!


I like them also and I would like the option to hear the story without the pauses


Yes. They're great. I only found them a few days ago, but they're a really useful progression. Pure timing of my discovery mitigated the blow of the crowns update.

I make a point of specifying in feedback after each one to make them available in the app.

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