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Klingon -Many Thanks!

I just started Klingon and I will tell you it is amazing! The amount of effort put in must be tremendous! How they got the whole language out of the movie and everything! I mean is this not a child's dream. To a language from their favourite set of movies. I think we should all try this beta course and thank the creators for their amazing effort. Thanks, To-Be Moderator!

P.S I Hope...!

April 16, 2018



I used to think Klingon was in Star Wars but know I realize it's from Star Trek... Plus thanks for the Lingot whoever gave it!


Agreed, kudos to the creators!


Can you help me because to me learning Klingon is hard?


It shouldn't be any harder than other languages, but learning languages is hard. Are you reading the Tips & Notes. They give a lot of explanation and make it much easier. Unfortunately, the Tips & Notes are a little bit hidden. If you click on one of the skills (the circles on the home page of the language) you will see something that looks like a light bulb in the corner. Click on that light bulb and it will show you the Tips & Notes. Refer back to them often. And if you still have questions, please return to the forums and ask very specific questions, so we know what to help you with.


Are you expecting instant gratification?

Don't be lazy. Work and you'll succeed.


who is klingon? Q-Q


It's not a "who", it's a "what" -- the Klingon language.

It's a constructed language that was invented for the Star Trek films and series, to be spoken by a fictional race of humanoids, the Klingons.

A brief dictionary and grammar was produced for fans to put on their bookshelves, but to the publisher's great surprise, lots of fans actually started to learn the language!

And now, with the help of the Duolingo course, hopefully we can make learning some Klingon easier if you would like to do so :)

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