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How do you use как?

I'm very confuse to how to use this word. It translates directly to "as", but is used in sentences like как дела (What are you?) and Как вы пишете... (How do you spell...). I feel like I could just memorize these sentences and think nothing of it more, but I want to understand this language and not just memorize it, so if anyone can help me under stand Как that would be amazing. Thanks!!! Спасибо!!!

April 16, 2018



как дела (What are you?)

No, "как дела?" means "how are you?", not "what are you?". Well, more literally it translates to "how are [your] affairs?", but the idiomatic meaning is "how are you?"

Therefore the direct translation of "как" is "how", though it can mean "as" or "like" in some contexts ("делай, как я говорю" - "do as I say", "он выглядит как я" - "he looks like me").


“How are you?”- “Как ты?» It is something about your health and nothing about work. “How are you doing?” or “How do you do?” - “Как дела?” Usually they say shortly “How doing?” or even “How do?”. “How are your affairs?” sounds very sexy. The main meaning of affair is liaison - любовная связь. Everybody uses it like this only.


That's why I made a distinction between a literal translation and an indiomatic meaning. Obviously such phrases don't match between the languaged. "Как ты?" is too personal. It may be asked if someone really worries about me (and if there is a reason for it, like I'm ill, or far away), but when people use it as part of small talk it sounds a bit ridiculous for me.


Как can be translated as "how", "like"/"as", rarely as "so". Basically if it's a question, it's "how", "like"/"as" otherwise. Similar situation like with a word "which". In "song which I like" and "which song do you like?" which have different (but not too different) meaning

As "how": Как это было? how was it?

As "like": говорит как моряк — speaks like a sailor

As "so": как хочется спать — I want to sleep so much. Как in this sentence means "like" too, but without a direct object. Literal translation might be "I want to sleep like a..."


Thank you everyone for all of the help this is really great content. Спасибо!!!


first of all, как дела means "how is it going?" not "what are you?" really, that's all there is to it. I think you just had a little miss understanding. just remember как дела means how are you or how is it going? if you can remember that then Im sure that как will make a LOT more sense and you will understand it's context a LOT more. Keep up the good work man! :)


Как тебя зовут?
Какое у тебя имя?
Как у тебя дела?
Как прошел твой день?

Я вижу то что она танцует. (Я вижу что она танцует).
Я вижу как именно она танцует. (Я вижу как она танцует).

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