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I love new update. Thank you Duolingo.

April 16, 2018



Yes, the update is terrific, all the hard work put into it will not go unnoticed. Thank you so much Duolingo Team and Mods for everything you all do to improve the learning experience for us! Although many people are complaining about the repetition, I look at it differently, I think the repetition will help us learners to achieve fluency. And anyway, you don't have to get "Basics 1" to level five in one day, you can chip away at each lesson whenever you feel like it. As for me- I love the update and appreciate all the hard work put into it-thanks so much.


I love this aspect of the new update, the repetition through more levels. I am overall pleased with the new update. But I especially like working levels on skills that I struggle with. And I totally agree, it has really helped me with fluency.. The Russian is going a lot better for me now. I was feeling stuck and I was only a little way into it. And I am no newbie to learning a new language. But I plan to really take off on my French learning. The update has breathed new life into the French for me.


I think the conversion has worked very well. For French I have a combination of 3s and 2s with 1s for the most recent skills that I have been studying. For Spanish, which I have been studying for less time, I have a combination of 2s and 1s. On the 1s, I'm definitely shaky and the 2s, in both languages could do with strengthening: yes all my Spanish needs strengthening. I have now found out why I kept having to strengthen Basics 2 in French: I was getting a gender wrong. I don't think I'll be going to 4s and 5s for a very long time.

So this new system is giving me much more information and more practice.


I think it is great. Lots of repetition, but I find myself retaining better because of it.

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