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"Les données montrent que c'est une bonne théorie."

Translation:The data shows that it is a good theory.

April 16, 2018



Data is plural. Therefore, the proper response should be "the data show" NOT "the data shows". The singular is "datum".


Agreed. That's what I wrote and it was accepted. But you and I are old fashioned. I'll bet you also use the subjunctive in English, as in "If I were king, …" Too bad that too few still use it.


Thanks, Giorgio. It depends on your generation. Many people of a certain age who were educated in the sciences see "data" as the plural of "datum". However, common use is moving away from that. So I would say that we are in a transition period in which "data" is treated as both singular and plural. Both forms will be accepted, and we will not engage in a dispute about which one is correct.


But "show" should at least be an available choice for we scientific pedants!


The translation with "show" is accepted on its own, but for the word tile exercises, the software chooses only one translation to present to the learner. It will not know that you prefer "show".


Understand, I've written computer marked quizzes myself. However, if that is so then the better of two options should be the one available


"for US scientific pedants" (to be pedantic!)


Precisely. The object form after a preposition.

And a clever callback, with a level of self-deprecation commensurate with that of the original comment.

All in all a fine job. I don't get the downvotes.


The publication manual of the American Psychological Association required the word "data" to be used as a plural, and I (and my students) had to abide by that rule.


Physics journals also require the standardized usage: data is plural; datum is singular.


I don't know about current UK usage, but American usage always treats "data" as a collective noun that takes a singular verb. We do the same with sports teams and cities, while the Brits use a plural verb. ("Kansas City is playing the Mets," but "Liverpool are. . . .")


Particularly in a scientific context, as opposed to a less-educated, more conversational one, the word "data" is always plural.


The data show, not the data shows (data is plural in English, not singular - that word is datum).


In Australia 'data' is plural

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