Translation:To go to the museum take the subway.

7 months ago



Though not literally correct, 'get to' might be a more natural-sounding translation for 'ir a' in these cases.

4 months ago


For 'para que', sometimes Duo wants 'in order to' and sometimes just 'to'. They seem interchangeable to me in English. Is there a difference in Spanish? Thanks.

7 months ago


Are you asking wether there is a difference between 'para que' and 'para que'?

2 months ago


I don't get why, Para or al banco "tome" un taxi., But, Para ir al museo "Toma" el metro

2 months ago


One is the usted command and the other is the tú command.

Usted commands take the third person singular conjugation and change the last letter. If it normally ends in "a" it becomes "e"--and visa versa.

The tú command is the unchanged third person singular conjugation of a verb.

3 weeks ago


There was another sentence before: Tome un taxi. Why not toma? Do we use toma when there's an article and tome when there's a number?

2 months ago


I'd recommend going on spanishdict and reading through the conjugation of a word whenever you're confused about some form.

It helps me a lot to clear things up

2 months ago


A previous sentence corrected my 'toma el tren' to 'tome'. Other students wrote that 'tome' is the formal form and 'toma' is informal. I am not sure the difference is clear in the present example.

2 months ago


Tome .... i think is the command form..... toma... is the formal tomas ..is familiar form

1 month ago


"In order to go to the museum ride the subway" not accepted? I reported it.

1 month ago


what's wrong with: "take the subway to go to the museum"?

1 month ago
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