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"Were we seen?"


April 17, 2018



Just to be clear: is it wrong to ask DIleghlu''a' where we ask if we were seen by an indefinite 'they'?


If the subject is indefinite then it does not have a number. Was it one? Was it many? We don't know. The prefixes which would otherwise indicate singular object are always used with {-lu'} with an understanding that the indefinite subject may actually be plural.


The prefixes used with the indefinite subject are arbitrarily used differently than other prefixes. The best strategy is just to memorize them separately.

vI-... ind. sub. / I, me
Da-... ind. sub. / you (singular)
[no prefix]... ind. sub. / he, she, it, him, her
wI-... ind. sub. / we, us
bo-... ind. sub. / you (plural)
lu-... ind. sub. / they, them

As you can see, DI- is not among the prefixes used with the indefinite subject.

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