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What’s the difference between ampoule and ampoule électrique?

Hey :]

I want to know how to say light bulb in french. However, what’s the difference between ampoule and ampoule électrique?



April 17, 2018



the name "ampoule" has several senses in french, the first sense is a small glass bowl .... a syringe and a bulb.... une seringue et une ampoule the second sense is a light bulb ..... une ampoule électrique ...pour éclairé une pièce the third senseis a change of in a friction on the skin.... une ampoule au pied ....quand tu as beaucoup marché

i am french and i am not sure of the quality of my english but i hope that you were able to understand my explanation

have a good day Ronald

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pour éclairer*

But yeah it's a good explanation, in general without context I'd assume that "ampoule" refers to "ampoule électrique" since it's the most common meaning nowadays however it can mean other things such as a glass vial containing a liquid (often some sort of medecine) that needs to be broken to use: http://www.leem.org/sites/default/files/319_Ampoules-support-complet-couleur-rouge.jpg

And yeah it can also mean "blister" on top of that.


Just like "bulb" can mean "tulip bulb" or "electric light bulb"!

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