"Quelle est cette chose ?"

Translation:What is this thing?

April 17, 2018

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I'm afraid I don't fully understand the what/which distinction here. Would someone be able to add to the explanation?


"Which" is used when you speak about the selection from among a group of things. Very often, "quel(le)" is translated as "what", as it is here.


Shouldn't it be "qu'est cette chose" is if translates to "what is this thing"? I'm really confused


In french, "que" = what but "quel" is more like "which" You can use both in interogative questions but "quel" imply a choice between some propositions...

For exemple we say "que veux tu manger?= Q'est ce que tu veux manger" = what do you want to eat? but if we say " Quel plat veux tu manger?" which/ what meal do you want?>You must choose a meal... What do you want to do? > Que veux tu faire? Which/ what sport do you play?> Quel sport fais tu?

If you have "What+noun" always use "quel/quelle/quels/quelles"

And "what+ is" is often "quel/quelle/quels/quelles + être" But "que sont" exist "que sont devenus tes amis?"

Some examples: - Quel est ton nom? - Quel jour sommes nous? - Quels sont les sports que tu aimes? - Quelles chaussures sont les plus jolies? - Quel est le problème? - A quelle heure arrive-t-il? - Dans quelle université tu es?

-Que raconte tu? = Qu'est ce que tu racontes? ("qu'est ce que" is more use) -Que me conseille tu? = Qu'est ce que tu me conseilles...


Same here. Google also translates it as "quelle est cette chose". I tried translating from Spanish and English the question "what is this thing?". Could a more advanced learner/moderator help with this, please?


An unknown "thing" will be feminine?


"Chose" is a feminine noun.


Why is this sentence feminine? Anyone know?


The "cette" lets you know that whatever the thing is, it is a feminine thing. Thus you must use "Quelle" instead of "Quel". I guess we would have to be with the speaker to know why it is feminine.


"Chose" is a feminine noun meaning "thing". It is not a pronoun that can switch around to agree with some previously mentioned noun. There is no such thing as « le chose ».

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