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"Ellos quieren comer en un restaurante."

Translation:They want to eat in a restaurant.

April 17, 2018



2021: Don't we all, don't we all!


I put ellas, surely still means "they"

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Ellas is femine, its always masculine unless the statement implies femine


The fast audio most definitely says 'ellAs', and I wrote 'ellas'. WRONG! It turns out it's 'ellos'. I played the slow audio, and it does indeed say 'ellos'. But then, of course, I played the fast audio again, and it's more than clear that she says 'EllAs'. SO! They made me lose my last heart, and the last of my nerves today. Not fair!


I have been doing the lessons for over a year and I still cannot always get that right! I think you just have to accept that you may never always get it right.


Sure sounded like Ellas to me. You would think they could annunciate for beginners.

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