Yay, Golden Owl Back

I did the Spanish tree last year and got the golden owl at the end of the tree. Then when I signed up for alpha testing the new Spanish course there were a bunch of new skills and the golden owl disappeared. Then I got crown levels automatically and nothing higher than a level 3. The new skills appeared mostly in the first half of the course and the older skills in the rest of the course automatically got some crown level. Having just completed all the new skills which has taken me only just past halfway in the new course I'm happy to see the golden owl has reappeared at the end of the course. So no need to do the whole tree twice for that to reappear, nor for all crown levels to be at 5 [ I only have one at 5] . It seems one just needs at least a crown level 1 for every skill to get the golden owl at the end. This may not be news for most of you but for me I wasn't sure and was happy to see it [being one of those who enjoys these gimmicks to give extra help to motivation, haha].

April 17, 2018

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Got my owl back, too. Did you read the certificate, though?:

“You've conquered the Spanish skill tree!

First of all, you're awesome! You've completed the Spanish skill tree! Second of all, we'd like to take this time to thank you sincerely for your lengthy participation on Duolingo. So in honor of you, here is a very special trophy in which to show our gratitude.”

IN which to show gratitude; shouldn't that be WITH? DL, consistent to the end, at least.

April 21, 2018
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