"Life is good" = "la vie est belle"?

I get it that the most French way of saying "life is good" is "la vie est belle". However I don't get the "la" part. I know in French you have to put an article in front of a noun, but I think "la vie est belle" is "THE life is good" instead of "life is good". In my opinion, "life is good" is more general than "THE life is good". So is there a way to say "(in general) life is good" in French? Thanks a lot!

April 17, 2018


These sentences are ambiguous in French and other languages that use the definite article this way. It's not usually a problem because listeners use context to decide which of the meanings was intended.

April 17, 2018

I am french. What do you mean by "THE life is good ?" instead of "live is good " ?

"The life" has several meanings in English. (1) Biography, as in "The Life of Brian," "The Life of Pi", "The Life of Leonardo da Vinci." (2) The idiomatic expression "This is the life," expressing strong contentment with the way things are going. See "" (3) Making a living outside the law, especially as a prostitute. See ""

Merci ! I often listen to that song: When we say "la vie est belle", we mean "life is good" in general.

Thanks a lot! :)

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